Getting Things Done – The To Do List Sandwich Method

Getting Things Done – The To Do List Sandwich Method

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Making a plan for the day has been a piece of my day to day routine for quite a while. I like to start my day by making my rundown. It outfits my considerations and focuses me since it gives me center for the afternoon. I have observed when I skirt my daily agenda, I will quite often finish substantially less on the grounds that I don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin. On the other side, there have been times when my daily agenda was huge to the point that I didn’t have the foggiest idea where to start. That is the point at which I found out with regards to the force of five.

Marks don’t approach finishing things.

Consistently, I used to fill almost a whole page of a notebook with things I “wanted” to finish. I’d plunk down and concoct each possible assignment I thought should have been achieved and record it. Out of the blue, a more extended rundown caused me to feel better. It caused me to feel like I had a great deal to do. Inconvenience was, it was excessively.

The primary thing I began to see was that with regards to half of my plan for the day was loaded up with repetition exercises: cleaning my teeth, cleaning the latrine, washing dishes, doing clothing. These were customary day by day undertakings, yet they overwhelmed my daily agenda. I immediately advanced by eliminating those from my rundown, I could undoubtedly lessen it significantly, while possibly not more. Without a doubt, having the option to mark those things off my rundown consistently felt better (since it appeared as though I’d achieved something), however was it truly important? No. I immediately free task list understood the main thing I was achieving was making more do business as my own boss.

How I made my daily agenda sandwich.

Since I love food, I chose to adopt an alternate strategy to making my every day plan for the day. I chose to fabricate a “sandwich” of assignment records, one that sounds more feasible, truly. I was fairly fearful with regards to paring down my rundowns to such more limited ones. It felt wrong, yet I checked it out at any rate.

What I found was that by compacting my rundowns, I really began accomplishing like never before previously. The more limited my rundowns, the more useful I became. This is the way the To Do List Sandwich Method works:

Bread – Hardest, most tedious assignment
Mayo – 10 brief assignment
Ham – Next-to-hardest assignment
Lettuce – 15 brief assignment
Bread – Simplest assignment

In the first place, make an abbreviated daily agenda. Then, at that point, start with the most troublesome or extended errand. Then, circle back to a speedy errand that expects almost no work. Continue on to the following tedious or testing task, continued with another speedy, brief assignment. At last completion the daily agenda sandwich with another basic assignment.