Second Life and Other Online Games

The online video game community has grown steadily in recent years. Many people log into the online world for many reasons. Some, to take a break from the daily drag to enjoy online games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars online and others, (playing wizards, hunters, etc.) for hours as a form of relaxation and also competition. Some go online to try to run and operate their own virtual business or to find friendships or even romance. Many have even fostered these budding relationships offline. One of the best known and most popular online communities is Second Life.

Summary of the second life.

In Second Life you can create an avatar, buy land and meet new friends. There is no charge to create a Second Life account or to use the world for any length of time. A premium membership (US $ 9.95 / month, US $ 22.50 / month or US $ 72 / year) extends access to a higher level of technical support and also pays an automatic stipend of L $ 300 / week to your avatar account . You can create your avatar in any way you choose (human, animal, vampire, etc.) or you can make your avatar look like you do in real life. The avatar is fully customizable. You can create your own avatar shape, masks and clothes or you can buy these things and other items from other residents who operate virtual stores around the world.

Education and training in SL.

In Second Life you can do many things while you are in the world, there are Sims that focus on role-playing games, some are virtual clubs where many residents meet and socialize and some are virtual schools that teach residents about many different subjects. There are schools within the game that range from construction to scripting and even clothing design and avatar skin creation. There are also other schools dedicated to hosting and djing.

There are also real world Universities that use the Second Life platform to deliver virtual classes online, as well as many companies that use the virtual community ยูฟ่าเบท  as a way to hold meetings and even train their employees. Some companies even have their own private Sims just for this purpose.

Second Life and the business world

Outside of the real universities that bring some of their classrooms and courses to the virtual world of Second Life, there are many companies that have decided to follow the trend and use virtual world platforms like Second Life to promote some of their products or as training. Simulation for your employees. Companies like news networks like CNN, Reuters and others have seen the benefits and possibilities of expanding their influence and appeal by venturing into the virtual world.

Hollywood has even seemed to be following suit in recent months by hosting virtual talk shows, with a Sim looking like full replicas of a real studio and there were TV shows like CSI: NY, who have run a show using the Second Life Platform. . So as you can see Second Life offers different things for different people, it’s all you decide to do with it.

Find employment in Second Life.

There are also chances to win Lindens (the in-game currency in the world) for those who don’t want to charge their credit card to buy lindens. One way to earn linden trees is by applying for a job in the world. there are a couple of ways to do it. You can sign up with an employment agency in the world (yes, they have some of those places in the world, hehehe) or you can search the in-game search engine under classifieds to see who is hiring. But the most common way I’ve seen it was to simply visit the Sims and ask one of the employees or the owner about the job.

If they are hiring, a note card application will be sent to you and once you complete and review it, you will be hired. There are many jobs you can do in the world, some of the most popular I have seen in the world are Dancer, presenter / hostess, DJ, model. But there are other jobs in the world. Some residents

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