The True Costs of Hair Restoration

To understand how much you need to spend on your hair restoration, you need to look at how you are actually planning to restore your fallen hair and stimulate the growth of your new hair. There are many hair treatments available that you can try including hair implants, topical applied products and hair loss shampoos or some hair treatment medications. Each of these has its own cost structure. Another factor to consider is the size of the bald area that needs treatment. All of these have an effect on the calculation of the cost of hair restoration.

If you choose to undergo a procedure where you need to have hair grafts implanted in the scalp of the head, it is quite expensive and you are required to provide a large down payment. The cost of hair restoration for this procedure requires a large initial payment although some clinics have certain payment schemes so that their patients can make installment plans. Some clinics also Best Liposuction Doctors in San Francisco
have promotions where you can have the treatment and pay per month such as how you pay off your credit card balance. Trying out these payment schemes or promotions may be the best option if your savings aren’t big enough to cover the costs.

In the past decade, hair implants or hair grafts have not been considered effective for reversing the effects of female pattern baldness. A woman suffering from baldness usually sees her hair thin out all over the head area. When using the procedure to perform traditional hair grafting, thick hair growth is required in an area of ​​the scalp to serve as a donor site. For men this is usually the back of the head. But, due to modernized techniques, a growing hair donor site is no longer needed as body hair can be used instead of scalp hair. Hair implants are now a hair restoration procedure available for women that produces good results.

Some hair loss treatments are initially less expensive than hair implants, but if you calculate the total cost of using them over a long period they can actually cost more. If you are currently using topical applications that are applied directly to the area where hair thinning has occurred, or you use hair restoration shampoos, you need to use them continuously so that you can maintain your hair regrowth. Once you stop using the product, your hair will start falling out again. For example, the price of a popular hair loss shampoo is $ 25 per bottle and its content is only six ounces. The recommended use of the shampoo is five times a week. So, this six ounce bottle can only last for a few days. So, if you have to use it for life to keep your hair growing, the total cost you will cover is a lot of money.

Finasteride, which is a US FDA approved drug, is sold under different brand names and is taken orally by men to prevent further hair loss. On average, this drug is priced at $ 60 for 90 tablets, and the recommended dosage is one tablet per day. If you plan on using it for the long term, this will be a very expensive choice. When you are considering the cost of hair loss treatment, you need to consider the amount it will cost you over your life and not just the initial outlay or monthly cost.

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