Football Recruiting 101 – Athletic Assessment

It all starts with your coach or coaches giving you an honest evaluation of your ability and what your chances are of playing at the next level. Are you a “Blue Chip” athlete or a D1 prospect? There are 119 D1 college football programs in the country. There are a limit of 25 scholarship athletes per year at the D1 level for a total of 2,975. There is about a 1% chance that you fit into that category. As far as playing in the NFL, out of 1 million high school football athletes only 250 make it to the big time. I am suggesting you need to be realistic. I meet with so many parents and athletes that are just not realistic. If you love the game and you say to yourself I just want to play football, then you have many options.

D11 may be the place for you where there are 143 colleges that offer football. How UFABET สูตรเล่นสล็อต about D111 where there are 224 football programs and the focus is more on academics. If you are a scholar-athlete and are more concerned about the education but love to play football then that option may be a good fit for you. Then there is 101 NAIA football programs, the big fish in the small pond kind of a thing. Last but not least in many cases is the NJCAA level or your local Community College. At your local community college it will give you a chance to get your grades up if that is a problem. Maybe you need to get bigger, faster, stronger, or maybe you just want to check things out as far as football at another level.

Bottom line is you should start with an athletic assessment or you could be wasting a lot time, money, and energy when you start the getting exposure phase, as a prospective college student athlete.

Authored by: Tony Passarella – Sports Recruiting Coach

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